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Dance Lessons and Classes in Northfield, Illinois

Our Classes

In recent years, we have begun to offer Baby Ballet. It is, often, a child's first experience of separation, so it is done gently and gradually. The program offers each child the opportunity to follow instruction by sight and verbally, allowing that child to develop both sides of the brain and body. The "games" are simple and fun, and, besides learning how to follow instructions and take turns, the children must use their own imagination and creativity, as well. This is the very beginning and leads into our Tots Dance program, which is a step-up into the wonderful world of Ballet.
In Tots Dance, we begin using more special concepts as we work with circles, lines and arcs. Students learn to take turns and to feel pride in one's own accomplishments and respect for their classmate's. They also learn how to comfortably perform and speak in front of others. Basic Gymnastics and learning a little French are all part of the fun!

Our Ballet programs progress to:

  • Tots Ballet
  • Pre-Ballet
  • Beginning Ballet
  • Ballet 1, 2 & 3
  • Low-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Inter/Advanced
  • Advanced
  • Ballet & Point
  • The techniques taught are Cecchetti, French and Russian


Our Jazz classes are a combination of styles, all of which are based on Ballet, of course. From Funk to HipHop to Modern and Classic; all techniques are used to develop the student's ability and knowledge. We also have Kiddy Jazz, which is a combination of Ballet and Jazz done to pop music.


Modern dance is an extended expression of Ballet. The students learn to express themselves in a different and more expansive way. Think of it as a "freer" way of dance and movement; but it's all based on Ballet.

Tap Dance

All dance is joyful, but Tap is definitely "happy dancing". Because it involves so much small-motor work, we don't start our students until the age of 4½. At that age, the classes are a balance of large and small motor work. Tap is a great coordination teacher for ALL ages. It's great exercise, great fun and is popular with males and females, children and adults. One is never too old to learn to Tap dance!

Ballroom Dance

In our Ballroom classes, students learn Waltz, Fox-Trot, Rhumba, Cha-Cha and Swing/Jitterbug. The ladies learn how to follow and the men learn how to lead. La Verne has spent many years working on a simple, fun and easy-to-remember method of teaching the skills needed to have fun on the dance floor! You can opt to learn in a class situation or privately.


  1. Appropriate dance wear is required (no long tutus, no jeans, no bare midriff)
  2. All hair MUST be off the face
  3. No bare legs
  4. NO GUM!
Lessons may be made-up, if cancelled. There is a 1.5% monthly charge of unpaid accounts after 30 days and a $25 charge for returned checks.
The instructor has the right to have a student observe and not participate if he/she is not properly attired.

To register for a dance class, contact us today in Northfield, IL and let our staff help you.